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Maastrichtersteenweg 232
Riemst (Vroenhoven)
Tel.: (012) 45 16 72
Vanuit Ned. 0032-12451672
Dinsdag rustdag

Bakkerij Emmerix Winkel Maastrichtersteenweg 232 te Riemst (Vroenhoven)
Bakkerij Emmerix Winkel Rue Haute 73 te Eben-Emael

Rue Haute 73
4690 Eben-Emael
Tél.: (04) 266 13 07
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Our Assets

has several different assets.

The personal, small-scale and customer-friendly approach, which is highly appreciated by its customers is just one example.

But this personal service is only an asset if the product range also meets the expectations of the bakery's customers. And this happens to be another one of 's assets because the contemporary and wide range of products has been one of the cornerstones of the bakery’s success for several years now.

Selling a fresh product is crucial for because they believe that customers should be able to fully enjoy the taste and quality of the products they sell. And finally, their reputation as craftsmen in the bakery profession is equally important. As a result continues to position itself as trendy yet traditional. They continuously try to surprise their clientele with product innovations, which are in tune with the seasons.

To sum it up, your senses will be stimulated in various ways at .