Bakkerij Patisserie Boulangerie



Maastrichtersteenweg 232
Riemst (Vroenhoven)
Tel.: (012) 45 16 72
Vanuit Ned. 0032-12451672
Dinsdag rustdag

Bakkerij Emmerix Winkel Maastrichtersteenweg 232 te Riemst (Vroenhoven)
Bakkerij Emmerix Winkel Rue Haute 73 te Eben-Emael

Rue Haute 73
4690 Eben-Emael
Tél.: (04) 266 13 07
Fermé le mardi

The range

Our aim is to surprise you with our pastries, our cakes and our bread products. We believe in a fresh product using a traditional baking process. And you can taste the difference… also in our specialty products, for example in our range of gateaux which are prepared with fresh butter cream, fresh farm milk, our airy sponges which are finished with the best chocolate. A mouth-watering selection!