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Maastrichtersteenweg 232
Riemst (Vroenhoven)
Tel.: (012) 45 16 72
Vanuit Ned. 0032-12451672
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Bakkerij Emmerix Winkel Maastrichtersteenweg 232 te Riemst (Vroenhoven)
Bakkerij Emmerix Winkel Rue Haute 73 te Eben-Emael

Rue Haute 73
4690 Eben-Emael
Tél.: (04) 266 13 07
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Tips & Recipes

Storage tips for bread

Bread should be stored at room temperature in a closed bin or in a bread drawer with holes. Do not store your bread in the fridge.

Not just a paper bag

The bread bag which your baker uses is not just a paper bag, it is a paraffin bread bag. It has been designed to prevent your bread from drying out. Your bread can also breathe in this bag.

Freeze bread

You can easily freeze bread. Take a fresh bread, place it in a deepfreeze bag or leave it in the paraffin bread bag and freeze it.


An ideal solution for lunch is to freeze smaller portions. Remove the package from your fridge the evening before and let it thaw at room temperature.

A usage for old bread

Dip old bread in egg and milk, fry it in a pan, sprinkle with sugar. Delicious!

Don't re-freeze thawed out bread

NOTE: Thawed out bread should not be refrozen!