Bakkerij Patisserie Boulangerie



Maastrichtersteenweg 232
Riemst (Vroenhoven)
Tel.: (012) 45 16 72
Vanuit Ned. 0032-12451672
Dinsdag rustdag

Bakkerij Emmerix Winkel Maastrichtersteenweg 232 te Riemst (Vroenhoven)
Bakkerij Emmerix Winkel Rue Haute 73 te Eben-Emael

Rue Haute 73
4690 Eben-Emael
Tél.: (04) 266 13 07
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The bakery & our vision

a true baker's family

Roland was born into a real baker's family: his father, Jos taught him the tricks of the trade and inspired his passion for baking. His mother, Lambert Vrancken always emphasised the importance of excellent customer service.

the young baker family

In 1989 Marleen and Roland (known as Rachel) bought an existing bakery in Vroenhoven Riemst and the young baker's family (with their two children, Sofie and Roland) opened their own shop.


Over the years they renovated the business, demolishing walls, adding onto the building and buying new machines, refurbishing the interior, and converting the bakery into an up-to-date and modern shop.

the process

At dawn the bread is baked, followed by the croissants, the pains au chocolat and several other rolls for a tasty, crunchy breakfast.

a passinate baker

The bakery in Vroenhoven Riemst is more than just a bakery. It reflects the passion of Roland, who works hard with his wife, Marleen, Cederic and Sofie and the entire staff to guarantee QUALITY, A FRESH PRODUCT, SERVICE AND CRAFTSMANSHIP. These assets are your guarantee.

These Assets are your guarantee.